Oscar Schmidt ‘Stella’Gambler Deluxe 12-String | SOLD |

Stella ‘Gambler Deluxe’ 12-String | SOLD | This guitar is a grand concert size (BBQ-Bob) Stella Gambler Deluxe 12-string, made up from an old Stella body and a new 12-string neck by luthier Mike Hauver.

The ladder-braced body is birch. The neck was made by Hauver, and he used recycled pearloid fingerboard from an old Stella for that period Stella look. The head stock overlay is new, as is the pick guard, paint and decals. The tailpiece might be vintage, we’re not 100% sure, and it’s painted gray. The tuners are vintage 12-string tuners. The pyramid bridge is new, carved from ebony.

The body measures 14 3/4” across at the lower bout, and the scale length is 26 5/8”. The neck measures 1 3/4” across at the nut.

The action is set for comfortable playing in Spanish or open tunings for slide. The saddle is slightly compensated for good intonation.

The market value of this guitar in ‘original’ condition would be out of this world, since only one like it has ever surfaced, to our knowledge, and the value of even the rattiest Stella 12s continues to rise since the demand can’t be met. So this is a good opportunity to get the Bar-B-Que Bob sound on a budget! The birch body has a more nasal sound than its spruce-topped brethren. Perfect for old ragtime, or bluesy slide playing.

Comes with a 60s/70s hard case in good condition.

Check out the sound clip, both standard whole-step down, and slide in open D .