Oscar Schmidt ‘Stella’ Concert-Size Decalcomania c. 1928 | HOLD |

Oscar Schmidt ‘Stella’ Concert-size Decalcomania Acoustic | $595 | We initially bought this for parts .. tuners, pyramid bridge .. but after a more thorough examination, we couldn’t resist restoring it back to playing condition. The guitar is a very cool example of the Schmidt company’s Decalcomania ornamented line, created likely as a result of the hard times brought on by the Great Depression. Decals were cheap and not so labor intensive as compared to inlaid marquetry.

The top is spruce with one of the more tasty decalcomania motifs. The back and sides are birch. (This combination is one of our favorites for the boxy, blues sound heard on the early 78s). The neck is poplar, stained in red mahogany and carved in a fat-ish ‘V’. The fingerboard in likely painted maple, overlaid with a rarely seen decalcomania motif. The pyramid bridge is likely maple, painted black. The paper ‘Stella’ label inside remains in good condition.

The guitar is completely original but for the nut (original in case) and bridge pins, another reason it pained us to toss it on the junk heap!

Repairs include a neck reset; two cracks along the fingerboard extension repaired and cleated; side crack glued; top/back/side reglued at a few spots; several back cracks glued; a few braces glued; hole in heel from strap button filled; frets leveled and dressed. As a result, the guitar is in its best shape in decades and plays easily with action set a 5 & 6/64”. Lots of nicks and dings and finish wear, but solid as a rock!

The scale length is 24 3/4”, and the lower bout measures 13 1/3” across. The fingerboard measures 1 13/16" across at the nut and 2 3/16” at the saddle.

This is a quintessential Stella, perfect for country blues, including slide guitar … it’s got the look and the sound!

Check out the sound clip.