OAHU 71K Jumbo (Kay) c. 1939 | SOLD |

OAHU 71K Jumbo (Kay) c. 1939 Square Neck  | SOLD |  It's mind boggling when one considers the impact that Hawaiian music had on American culture in the first half of the twentieth century.  A completely new type of guitar was developed to play this music, not to mention the vast amounts of sheet music, instructional music, Hawaii-themed performance groups, and 'Hawaiian Conservatory' teaching studios' made available to an eager American consumer.  And let's not forget the humble ukulele, which essentially saved the venerable Martin Company's bacon during this era!

The OAHU Publishing Company, based in Cleveland, Ohio, was a huge player in the Hawaiian music scene.  The sold scads of lesson packs to students all over the U.S. either by mail order or through the local 'conservatory' of music, where teachers instructed students using the OAHU method and provided them with OAHU guitars. Oahu jobbed out the guitar construction to several large Chicago factories including Kay and Regal.    

At the top of OAHUs offerings was the 71K Jumbo square neck Hawaiian guitar.  It's cost, nearly $100, was a princely sum to many in those days.  The back and sides are  maple, with a ladder-braced, spruce top.  The square neck is mahogany, and the fingerboard is Brazilian rosewood bound in white celluloid.  The sunburst top is enhanced by an elegant gold decal.

The jumbo measures 15 3/4" across at the lower bout.  Scale length measures 25 1/2".

The guitar is in near mint condition, showing scant wear and a few random nicks.  

Comes with a newer soft case.