National Style 'O' 1933

National Style 'O' 1933  | SOLD | 

National Style O 1933  |  The single cone National Style O is yet another example of the huge impact Hawaiian music had on instrument manufacturers in the first three decades of the twentieth century.  The Style O had a long production run which lasted from July of 1930 to 1941.  Throughout this production, National authority and author Bob Brozman reports eight variations of the sand-blasted Hawaiian scenes which adorned the glitzy O.  

This example is variation 5, which had the same scene as variation 4, but differed with the addition of the 'rolled' F-holes.  Some players consider the sound of the rolled F-hole superior to that of the flat-cut versions, arguing that the rolling of the edge stiffens the top for a 'better' sound.

In 1933 the Style O was still a 12-fret, slotted headstock guitar with a bell-brass, nickel plated body and a single resonator cone.  The neck is tiger maple, carved in a flattish 'C', and finished in sunburst.  The fingerboard is black-painted maple bound in white celluloid.  The National decal is prominently placed on the headstock.  

It appears that the neck was reset at some time in the past, and a new nut, tailpiece, and cone (National Resophonic) installed.  The tuners appear to be 'of the period' but are not original to the guitar, and there is evidence (filled holes) of another set of tuners installed at one time.  The etching shows good contrast to the nickel plating, which still sparkles; there is slight nickel wear on the cover plate from pick or finger wear.  The plating shows minute abrasion swirl throughout, and there are various dents and dings to the body, but nothing outlandish.

The neck is 1 13/16" across at the nut and string spacing is ~ 2 3/16" across at the saddle.  Action is set at 6/64" & 7/64" so the guitar plays easily for both finger style and slide. 

The sound of the bell-brass body of the Style O is a bit less in-your-face than that of the steel bodied Duolians and Triolions.   A great guitar for old blues and ragtime, and the guitar of choice for a number of the old bluesmen!

Comes with a modern hard case.

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