Martin 00-18C 1965 | HOLD |

Martin 00-18C 1965 | HOLD | Produced in Nazareth, PA, the Martin factory sold nearly five thousand 00-18C (classical) guitars from 1962 to 1973, (today, a fairly rare guitar), riding the wave of the emerging ‘folk boom’ a decade or so earlier. Built like a typical classical guitar with fan bracing, knot-type bridge with straight saddle and wider neck width, the model caught on with the folkies but not so much with the classical players. The 00-18C shares the same quality materials and craftsmanship as the rest of the ‘18’-series Martin line.

The body is the ‘00’ size, 14 1/8” across at the lower bout, and as an ‘18’ is made from mahogany. The slope of the upper bout ‘shoulders’ and slotted head stock are a nod to Martins of an earlier era. The neck is mahogany with a Brazilian fingerboard and head stock overlay. The neck is 1 15/16” wide at the nut, and the scale length is 25 5/16” with twelve frets clear. The top is spruce, with multiple sound hole rings, and both top and back are bound. The bridge is Brazilian rosewood.

The guitar appears all original, with no apparent structural damage. The neck was reset. The finish, although original, is a bit dull in spots and some dullness around the bridge from an apparent earlier polishing attempt, and shows a few nicks and dings from use, but a clean, solid example overall. It plays well with excellent intonation and action, and produces a strong and even tone. A nice guitar for fingerpicking or strumming, especially for someone not inclined toward steel strings.

Comes with a soft case.