Martin 00-17 12-Fret 1930  

Martin 00-17 12-Fret 1930 | SOLD |  The '17' line of Martin guitars were all mahogany construction with austere appointments.  Not many 12-fret 00-17s were produced, but they remain a popular model for the fingerpicking guitarists.

This example retains its original components.  There is some finish damage to the top where it appears some glue from a previous bridge repair left a mark.  There is a center seam repair, and few side cracks repaired, and a recent neck reset.  Various nicks and dings, too.

The guitar produces a rich and full sound, one of the better sounding Martins we've owned.

Comes with a 'Martin' 00-size hard case.

Overall, a very appealing, and quite rare guitar to an old-timey or bluesy finger picker.