Martin 0-16NY 1964 | $1950|

Martin 0-16NY 1964 | $1950 | Some assert that the 0-16NY was the first attempt by Martin to recreate a guitar based on its ‘antique’ instruments no longer made. Introduced in 1961, with the ‘Folk Scare’ booming, Martin created a small-bodied guitar that was a nod to its older instruments thereby giving folkies a more ‘authentic’ instrument on which to strum their ballads and work songs. Typical of the model are the wider 12-fret neck, slotted head stock, straight bridge, semi-gloss finish, no positions markers or pick guard.

This example dates to 1964 when 775 were made. The guitar features a spruce top (elongated like the old 12-fret guitars), mahogany back, sides and neck, Brazilian rosewood bridge and fingerboard, natural semi-gloss finish (to give it the old-timey look), faux-tortoise binding around the top only. The neck was carved a bit wider, too, allowing for fingerpicking ease (1 7/8” at the nut). The scale length measures 25”, and the lower bout is 13 1/4” across at the widest.

All major components of this guitar appear original, including finish, bridge and tuners. It’s in overall excellent condition, with a recent Dave Strunk neck reset. The frets and fingerboard show minimal wear. There is a little pick wear on the top. At the intersection of the back and sides below the end pin, there appears to be some finish marring due moisture, the guitar was probably in its case propped against a wall in a damp environment (this is supported by wear on the case in the same area). Otherwise, really clean.

The action is set at 5 & 7/64” and the guitar plays easily. The notes ring crisp and clear with surprising umph considering the 0-size body. This depth is undoubtedly aided by the pre-thirties elongated body dimension. Great guitar for recording, fingerpicking and old-timey music .. or to rally the crew at the next union meeting!

Comes with its likely original soft case.