Hauver Gambler DeLuxe 12-String 2013 |SOLD |

Hauver Gambler DeLuxe 12-String | SOLD | Mike Hauver has been building Stella-style acoustic guitars for many years in Sharpsburg, MD. He knows the old ladder-braced Oscar Schmidt guitars literally inside-out, having done repairs on these instruments for both players and dealers for many decades. Mike offers a full line of 'bluesy' acoustics, in three sizes, built from quality materials, well-crafted, and nicely finished . Best of all, he stays fairly true to the tradition of a vintage ladder-braced guitar, but with a few 'modern' touched like an adjustable truss rod, and a bolt-on neck joint.  

This particular example, made in 2013, is at the top of the line in the Hauver catalog, and would retail for over $3K today. (Of course, if this were an original Gambler 12 jumbo, you could name your price, because none has surfaced to our knowledge) This jumbo (auditorium) sized, Gambler DeLuxe 12-string, is modeled after the so-called Stella 'Gambler' and Leadbelly jumbo 12-strings. The ladder-braced top is Adirondack spruce, and the back and sides are mahogany. The hand-carved neck is carved in a modern 'C' shape, and topped with a flashy MOTS fingerboard with contrasting position markers, and 'HAUVER' is inlaid into the headstock. The body is bound top and back in white, with a white sound hole ring, a nod to the early catalog guitars. The entire guitar is finished in glossy black, and reproduction 'gambler' decals adorn the top just like the originals. The bridge is rosewood, with a compensated saddle. The auditorium-size body measures nearly 16" across at the lower bout, and 4 5/8" deep at the end pin. The scale length is 26 3/8", meant to be tuned down a few steps for that 'down in the alley' rumble the jumbo 12s are noted for.

There are no repairs evident. The top shows a slight seam separation in the finish below the bridge. The end pin is missing. The top shows virtually no distortion from tension, since Mike installs small braces running north/south on each side of the sound hole. Frets are excellent. Action is set a 7/64". On really close examination, a few blemishes from use can be found, but overall the guitar sparkles like new.

The sound is big, full with great projection and 12-string jangle, perfect for the old country blues a la Leadbelly or Blind Willie.  

Comes with a hard case.