Harmony H78 Electric Guitar c. 1968 | $1495 |

Harmony H78 Electric Guitar c. 1968 | $1495 | Even though Harmony priced its guitars at a point affordable to ‘the people’, the Chicago factory also produced some semi-pro level guitars. At the height of the guitar boom in the mid-sixties, Harmony launched a line of electric guitars, with the H78 as the flagship. It’s flashy .. bold, red ‘burst, block pearl inlay, and faux-tortoise overlay and pickguard .. but also appealed to the player who wanted a gigging axe that represented the evolution of the modern electric guitar. The H78 included three pickups, each with an on/off switch, and a tone and volume control for each. This was a $300 guitar in the mid-sixties, a princely sum for many; add $50 and you get a Bigsby vibrato!

This example conforms to the specs of a 60s era H78 .. double-cut, maple-ply hollow body, multi-layer white/black binding, Bigsby tailpiece, block inlays, three gold-foil DeArmond pickups with adjustable pole pieces, adjustable rosewood bridge and an adjustable truss rod. It’s a one-owner guitar, with its original case and multi-color guitar cord (missing one plug). The H78 was produced from 1965-1972, but the date stamp inside body on this one is too smeared to read.

Overall condition is excellent. We reglued a seam separation on the headstock (see photo), and dressed and leveled the frets. All circuits and switches function. Cosmetically, the guitar shows some play wear on the back of the neck, and a few nicks and dings here and there, but no signs of abuse, for sure.

Scale length is 24 1/4”. The neck measures 1 11/16” across at the nut. The neck is straight and the guitar plays easily. The H78 has been gaining some notoriety of late with several noted guitarists fronting with this three-pickup beauty.

Comes with its original, two-tone soft case in good condition.