What our customers say

“The guys at VBG.com have a great talent for finding the vintage guitar you’re looking for at a nice price – the one that you might otherwise spend years looking for on your own. They know guitars, they know guitarists and they know the market. I’ve picked up three gems through vintagebluesguitars.com over the years and, each time, they truly exceeded my expectations.”
– Eric (J-45)
“Thanks a million for selling me the Gibson L-1. I thought the guitar was in fantastic shape. You guys did a great job on the description, and you know how it is, you read these details and start thinking “oh my, this thing must be in bad shape,” but quite the contrary. The L-1 was certainly well cared for and the previous owner took good care of the guitar. It plays great, sounds great – almost like I thought it would sound.”
– Rob (Gibson L1)
“She arrived safe and sound and I have to tell you I couldn’t be happier. What a wonderful sounding instrument!!! You did a fine job fixing it up and you even stuck on some new strings!! Can’t tell you how many times nobody even bothered to change them. I can tell that you deal in good quality instruments and your service is highly commendable. I’d be happy to link your site up with mine. And a T-shirt!! Fantastic. You’ve got a loyal customer here. “
– Little Toby Walker (coolest guitar on planet Earth!)
Hello Tom! Today I reveived the Stella grand concert! I’m happy! It looks great and more important it sounds great! What a surprise….the small model with such a huge bass….Comparing to my rebuilded Stella Jumbo (“Leadbelly model”) from “fraulini guitars” there is no difference in volume and power….unbelievable….To me the Vintage guitar sounds warmer! The tone is deeper and fatter, you sure know what I mean! The neck is great and my first impression of the intonation is very (!!) good! You are right, it’s a great fingerpicking guitar….especially for ragtime and Blues and also latin styles (mexican music….) I never had the chance to play an old Stella Jumbo (it would be very interesting!) I would work with you again for sure! Great T-shirt…..I will wear it on stage!!!! Best regards from Blues-Germany!
– Edwin in Germany (Stella 12)
“Hi Tom, just to let you know that the guitar has arrived in great shape – and even the T-shirt fits! Thanks for everything, I am absolutely delighted! I am letting the temperature adjust before I’ll tune it up and reinstall the strap pin. 10 out of 10 for your service. I can recommend your site wholeheartedly, quote me on this if you’d like.”
– Len from Hong Kong (Kalamazoo KG11)

What our Customers Play

Pan plays '30 Stella

Waxwing John pick his Sterling ‘gitjo’


Keni Lee slides on a Regal

Ari picks his Stella Jumbo 12-string

Little Toby Walker works out on his Sterling!