SOLD OS Stella 12-String ca 1930 SOLD

Oscar Schmidt 'Stella' Grand Concert 12-String ca 1930 | HOLD | Pre-WWII the Oscar Schmidt company produced guitars by the tens of thousands, and a satisfying number of them survive today. Consequently, for lovers of these old pieces, it's intriguing to examine the myriad iterations put out there by the ever-busy Schmidt production line.

This particular example is composed of combinations not seen by this shop. It's a Grand Concert 12-String (BBQ Bob) from about 1930, which makes it a bit unusual in its on right. It has the later 'rectangular' shaped head stock, with 'Stella' in embossed script, typical 'decalcomania' appointments, fixed Brazilian rosewood bridge with a stud tailpiece...a mix of appointments found on both low and high end Stellas of the period. Most unusual to our eye is the 'oxblood' finish, lending an overall dark appearance to the guitar, which really sets off the decals!

The body is all solid birch, and the neck is likely poplar with a soft 'V' profile. The fingerboard is painted, as found on most Stellas. The guitar appears to be 100% original, including the bridge, tuners and stud tailpiece .. even the nut looks like it's been there from the beginning. Pasted inside is a hand-written set list ... Red River Valley and Let Me Call You Sweetheart lead one to believe that this was not a 12-string used by BBQ Bob, although one never knows.

Structurally, the guitar is very sound with only a few minor back cracks. The finish is original, and shows some overall crinkling, nicks and dings. The neck looks to have been reset.

The guitar plays very easily, and produces the tone only a vintage Stella 12 can produce .. loud, boxy and bright, with pleasing sustain. It screams with a slide. Comes with an old hard case. Check out the sound clip!