Gibson GB-1 Guitar Banjo 1927

Gibson GB-1 1927 | $2475 | The Gibson GB-1 (guitar banjo) was created to allow the guitar player to get the popular 'banjo sound'. The GB was made to Gibson's high standards, and today they are quite rare in the vintage market.

The rim measures 11", surrounded by the flange with the six-sided cutouts common to the non-Mastertone rings. The head appears to be an older skin head in excellent condition. The neck is maple with a truss rod, and a bound ebony fingerboard. The head stock sports 'The Gibson' in silver script. The tuners are the non-gear type, and are original to the GB. The tail piece is a replacement no-knot. The bridge appears to have some age to it .. possibly home made .. with a drop-in bone saddle arrangement, as opposed to a typical banjo bridge. The resonator is bound on the back, and retains its original four attachment bolts. Additionally, there is both a period Elton-brand nickel-plated arm rest and pick guard included.

The GB remains in very nice, almost original, condition with some capo and playing wear on the back of the neck. The first three frets were replaced with slightly oversized frets, and some chip out from removal is evident. The tailpiece is a new replacement, and the original bracket that attaches to the tailpiece was replaced with a homemade bracket. Five of the tension hooks are replacements, and the original hooks show some wear from age. The flange and tension hoop still gleam.

The GB also retains its original 'Bulls Head' brand hard case in decent condition, especially the interior, ..a big plus for the collector.

The Gibson GBs are among the best guitar banjos on the market, when they appear. Quality construction, ease of playability, and great sound make it an instrument suited for a variety of musical genres.